At STI, the impact of technology is far reaching. It enhances services, improves operations and lowers costs. From the innovative safety and communications equipment on our buses to cutting-edge routing systems and sophisticated cloud IT services that keep our employees connected, Student Transportation Inc. remains ahead of the curve in technology and fleet innovation.

Whether you’re on or off the bus, you can trust that the technology STI invests in keeps safety front of mind.

GPS Tracking Systems
Equipping vehicles with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) not only provides managers and school administrators with the capability to locate a bus on its route at any time --- it also helps to improve routing schedules and determine important factors such as speed, idling and fuel usage.
SafeStop is the industry’s leading school bus tracking app that provides parents with valuable information about the location of their child’s school bus. Additionally, SafeStop Analytics provides school districts and transportation staff with a unique platform to analyze KPI (Key Performance Indicator) data, which can help enhance the safety and efficiency of fleets. Utilizing GPS tracking, SafeStop combines security, safety and communication into one user-friendly school bus tracking app that helps districts reduce the volume of parent phone calls while giving families peace of mind.
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